Tomorrow, we will talk about it.

Tomorrow, we will deal with this like adults.

Tomorrow, perhaps, we will find a solution to this.

Tomorrow, we will discuss all the “What is this?”, “Where is this going?”, “What next?”

Tomorrow, we will try to get some answers.

But not today.

Today, you will bury me in your arms and shield me from reality.

Today, you will kiss all my doubts and fears away.

Today, I will discover the real you.

Today, I will find out what makes you cry and how deep you sigh.

Today, you will know my silliest mistakes, my biggest fears, my darkest secrets.

Today, we will share a bed and many many stories.

Today, I will tell you about the boy who broke my heart and how I’m afraid it’s going to happen again.

Today, I will memorize you with my hands and my lips, and etch every bit of you within me.

Today, we will explore each other – mind, body and soul.

Today, I will light a fire within you that only I can put out.

Today, I will run my fingers through your hair and mess it up and watch you get annoyed.

Today, we will let our tacit desires see the light of the day.

Today, you will open that closed book of yours and write me in as one of the chapters.

Tomorrow, we will try to make sense of us.

Or maybe we will emerge out of our cocoon and fly away to our separate nests.

But not today.

Today, we will love.

Today, we will live.


P.S:- Hi, I’m alive. 🙂


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