Make love to my mind

I don’t need a man to give me orgasms. I don’t need anyone to give me an orgasm. I can take care of that for myself.


Can you turn me on with your thoughts? Can you light a fire in me without even touching me?

Can you see the naked me before you even strip my clothes? More importantly, would you still want me when you have seen the real deal, when all the flaws are out in the open? When you come to know of all the insecurities, eccentricities, the bouts of depression, moody silences, enthusiastic chatter, would you still want to hug me and tell me that I am as wonderful as sunshine on a winter’s day?

If one day, I don’t wish to make love, but want to stay up into the wee hours of the night talking, baring my soul, telling you things I’ve never told anyone, things that I have never spoken out loud to even myself for fear of judgment, would you want to stay awake with me and listen to it all? What if it is my mask that comes off instead of my clothes when the lights are turned off, would you want to keep undressing me? When my demons scream louder than I do in the whirls of passion, would you still want to hear me out?

Can you make love to me with your words? Not by whispering sweet nothings to me. I don’t want that. I want meaningful somethings. Thought provoking anythings. Mindblowing everythings. I want to be seduced by your voice – the excitement in it when you tell me of all the places you want to see; the melancholy in it when you speak of your lost loves; the longing when you talk about your eternal search for the one.

But can I tell you a secret? There is no such thing as “the one”. There is me, there is you, and there is now.

There are our beautiful minds. And when two beautiful minds mate, magic happens. The earth shifts. The stars realign. The gods smile. Flowers high-five each other.

Can you make that happen? Can we make magic with our minds?


3 thoughts on “Make love to my mind

  1. I endorse both the thoughts.
    One is orgasm self-reliance. That is quite the easier one as per me and something which everyone must practise.
    The second one can only come with some maturity in the relationship. That is bit tough to achieve and I must say I have achieved the first, but still working towards the second.


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