Letters to K: Macleodganj Diaries – The one where I am sulking about leaving

Sunday, April 16, 2017

I’m not one to offer advice, but if there is one thing I would tell you, it is to avoid coming to Macleod over a long weekend. It’s like the whole of Delhi, Punjab, Noida etc. has descended here. And even though I’m as much an outsider here as they are, I started to take offence at the crowds and their loud, noisy prattle. Pfft.

It’s been an exhausting couple of days, mostly because I stepped out during the day and roamed quite a bit, and it’s quite hot during the day.

I told you about Illiterati Cafe the other day, right? I revisited the place two days back and sat there and worked for a few hours. Met a girl there, travelling on her own like me. We sat and chatted for a long time about this place and that. She about Ladakh and me about Spiti. And me, like I’m some expert on Macleod just because I’ve been here a few days more than her, gave her advice on where to go and what to do. *cue eye roll* And she gifted me a gorgeous little notebook she had picked up in Dharamkot!

Yesterday was a good day. I went to the Norbulingka Institute. Took a shared cab till Dharamshala, and a bus from there. They were playing Kumar Sanu songs in the bus. A spot of familiarity right there. 🙂

The Institute is beyond beautiful. For one, it felt as though I had entered some Japanese garden sort of place, with its greenery and constant sound of water flowing. It’s lovely. Visited the workshops where they do thangka painting, wood carving, metal carving, applique work etc.

IMG_1019 (1)
Metal carving at Norbulingka Institute
IMG_1013 (1)
Peace out, bruh


And I’ve fallen in love with how blue the sky is! Look at it.

Went to Gyuto monastery after that. That place is sprawling! Especially the main monastery, where the chanting happens. And so many pretty flowers.

Oh by the way, I finally had some Old Monk yesterday. Yay!

Tonight’s my last night here. And I’m already dreading leaving. Where did the last seven days go? When I got here last Monday, I was like “I have SEVEN days. Wow.” And now I’m thinking I should’ve had more. In spite of how crowded it got, the place still has a charm, and I sure as hell am going to miss it. But I have Palampur and paragliding to look forward to next week, so I’ll keep the moping until later.


(Moh Moh ke Dhaage female version)

P.S. You are not partly responsible for this content I’m producing. You are ENTIRELY responsible for it. Thank you. So very much.*


*This was in response to K saying that he takes partial credit for the content I am producing through the emails.


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